Welcome to my website!

My name is Evgeny Svetikov, a wedding photographer. I prefer a combination of elegant classic and fashionable glamour styles.

I pay special attention to the wedding reportage and the maximum transfer of emotions and the whole atmosphere of the holiday.

You get those very realistic, natural, non-staged shots at the output! In post-production,

I use only pure color in photography, avoid oversaturation and high contrast, emphasize naturalness and naturalness, which is a very popular trend today.


Cooperation with wedding agencies: ChB Event, Candy Day, Maria Popova Wedding, Perfecto Wedding, NA Svadbe, NEO Wedding, Brut, Esthetique Event and others.


My works are published in well-known Russian and European publications Marika, Malvie, Chovain, Lucia, Volant, Dominante, Edith, Wedding Waltz and others.


If you are interested in my work, please contact me in any way convenient for you:


+7 912 218 67 41